Many men wear a belt just like that, no matter whether they need one or not. This is already great, and the first step on the way to see more in a trouser belt than just a practical piece of clothing without any aesthetic value - because those are trouser belt under any circumstances. But still, one often meets men with belt on, so do not fit into their pants, or belts, which they bought at some point, almost casually, without paying the purchase on form, color or material, and without even now to look at how the piece at all looks and acts on them. If they have it then, carry a copy of this to all their pants, no matter whether it fits well with this or whether it is perhaps not them. But they wear it because they only have the one indicated. So men away, unfortunately, a simple but effective method to prove taste and look better.

So much more than just a rope around his waist

where can a belt be so much more than just a kind of rope around the waist, the prevents pants from slipping. It is a wonderful way for women to adorn themselves, without wearing jewelry in the sense. So if you're more of a man who does not like to have rings on the hands or wearing chains around the neck, or any other jewelry, you've come to the right place. Use the choice among thousands belts, look around and choose, choose wisely and carefully, read mesmerize you from the Lord belts - and most choose equal to more than just a copy. Only with several belts in your wardrobe you can actually combine freely, you can choose the one that fits really well with jeans and shirt that you're wearing right now. The reward: you get not only better, but you can every day be different, shine anew every day and prove to you and to the world that you're a man with taste, a man who values ​​his appearance - and the quite successful.


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Thousands options

If you've decided this, not only to wear any belt, but one that fits really good to you, you go. Even when the material selection is huge: there are leather belts and fabric belts, which made ​​of cowhide and that suede, or just sometimes a piece of fabric. Have you decided on a material, refining continues: do you like it plain and simple have and buy a solid color men's belt, for example, in brown, white or gray? Or a more unusual color as cognac? Or you would rather fancy a looker? Then a fabric belt in orange might be right for you. Or should it rather be leather as a material, but then leather with rivets? And how it looks with the belt buckle? Should be the large and conspicuous, or rather small and discreet? Should there ever be a part with buckle? There are also men's belt without buckle, those you close with snaps. Perhaps this is the best dress up the variant? Another advantage of such a closure or a fabric belt is that it is without metal, without nickel. So if you're allergic to metal that is definitely the right choice.

The right choice

Many brands and variations of the future belt can be found here online in our shop. Whether leather belt, studded belt or sometimes a waist belt, whether cloth belt without metal or nickel-whether with a chic strap closure, the guaranteed draw attention and the simple jeans only really takes to shine, or even a copy in bright red or pink - everything you'll find here also branded. Yes, exactly, this garment has long been so much prestige that you can purchase it in many brands there. You are viewing: So here you'll find not only a vast selection, but also class. Browse the offers, look around at your leisure and find the piece that dresses you best. And if you still in the mood for a dear braces, you will also find them here. Buy the braces either as an individual piece that you can wear instead of a belt - or think after the purchase whether you want to combine it. Who says you can not wear both at the same time? Combine your carrier a try with a studded belt with a huge, eye-catching metal buckle - and you'll be an eye catcher


The right piece

This means that your desire Belt also fits well, you need to decide only for the correct belt length. This is important so that the good piece is not too short and you can not even close it. But also too long copies are not the best, because then the end hangs loose down if it can not be plugged into the belt loop of your jeans. The correct length you can determine simply by measuring your waist. In contrast, the correct width is a matter of taste. Is your desire belt width, which is of course striking - and a wonderful and fun way to draw attention to you, which you've always wanted. But also smaller copies can be found here, and that is probably the better choice if you want or need to occur rather decent. As well also recommends more of a copy in plain black - black goes well with anything - instead of in bright orange. In addition, some pants have only a thin collar and so delimit the automatic belt choice. You see, this is with the belt sizes not easy at first sight - on the second but already. Easy to find Miss a belt that you already have may be the right length for you. Then you can also equal the belt punch count, because that is important in the belt sizes. But once you have cleared these last details, you can look forward: your wardrobe will soon be a beautiful piece of rich