The men's Blazer, jacket also called, is one of the most fashionable clothes of the men's clothing and is far more versatile than ever. The men's blazer is available in many designs and materials. The selection ranges from elegant to casual and sporty to extravagant, extraordinary models. A typical feature of this is the low-cut lapels and the back slot. Usually two flap pockets and a chest pocket attached. In addition, we make a distinction between one-and two herons. Although the single-breasted is the best known model, yet both are enjoying enormous popularity.

Blazers - Not just with very chic suit

Traditionally, the men's blazer is combined with the suit pants. Just on festive occasions or at work often indispensable. But the blazer is also easy to combine T-shirt and jeans. It looks casual and modern and is now absolutely mainstream.
Whether chic jacket in gray, black, blue, or in extravagant designs, such as with rivets - the choice is endless. It fits every occasion and outfit.
A blazer is no longer an integral part of men's fashion and a must for every wardrobe.

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