Cardigans for men? They have already filed their dusty image as a piece of clothing for elderly men. OPI Cardigan instead of she come now as trend pieces. You are the perfect layering piece for modern men. In the spring and summer they are the convenient alternative to jackets, combining it with Polos, shirts, and long-sleeved shirts in the autumn and winter. Usually they come colored in young colors or the manufacturers rely on finest, finest materials. Either way: one can not deny that the trend once again comes to the Cardigan for men from our stylish neighbors, the British. Because who knows it not, the Brit Popper with their Skinny Jeans, Polo shirts and – Yes – cardigans with expertly casual attitude? You can also - with our many different models here in the shop!

Brit-chic for the Office: the noble

, Fine knitted cardigans are perfect for the warmer days. A fine Cardigan from high-quality wool in elegant subdued colours is the perfect companion for an elegantly casual outfit. Combine it with your favorite Polo or shirt in white with short sleeve and a Chino, and the casual chic Office look is finished. Without that you you have to torture in a jacket, which restricts your freedom of movement. And you withdraw you therefore from the others. The Brit-chic is just anything but stuffy and it is casual and easy rocking. Casual and uncomplicated as yourself, but without compromising on elegance, style and material. Not only Kashmir is a popular material for a fine gauge knit jacket: cotton is suitable for Very good and has a refined, high-quality touch. Variants without sleeves are, however, perfect to take on classic white shirts. Are usually long and have a deep v-neckline, so that the collar of the shirt is really nice.


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Knitting pattern for the winter: the sailor

Chunky knit is already long No more just the women. Many labels use it skillfully casual an. Without this stuffy. In combination with slim-cut pants and heavy boots, chunky knit is warm perfect for the cold season. The knitting patterns usually a little reminiscent of the typical sailor sweater, which here finds an update as a Cardigan. The cut is the same as for the sweater, only, that he is pierced with a zipper or buttons. The knitting is usually Very much großmaschig, usually not as fine as cashmere or cotton, but robust and hard-wearing. The Cardigans are mostly kastig and cut short and have a round-neck as a snippet. Traditionally have half-Zip Sweater, sweaters and role models our sailor's sweaters, a stand-up collar. This is waived if the Cardis, to emphasize the Kastige of the cut even more. The models are often plain decorated in muted colours such as black, Brown, blue and beige. Combined with long jackets or the trendy coats made of coarse wool they are the guarantee for a warm, rocking outfit.

Knitting pattern classics: the Norwegian

Norwegian pattern experiencing a comeback - and can be combined as well as its solid rivals. You are something for the fashion daring, which nonetheless put on classics like color. Because Norwegians never really were gone. Remember a little of your own knitting. Because they have a long tradition. Hardly a grandmother, who gave no sweater or CARDI her grandson in the Norwegians look. But tradition is hip and these knitted works of art are always fun. Especially with A lot of red, they provide variety in the wardrobe. Come back season after season, why your also A few nice pieces will be conveniently located at us in the sale! Norwegian patterns are especially beautiful when combining it with a simple, simple basics. And it refers to the colors of the pattern again. A quiet surface for the striking patterns provide slim cut trousers and a tight shirt for down under. Norwegian Knitting is often Very much intricately designed. The knitwear can be described as small works of art right. A variety of motives, that tell stories, are incorporated into the pattern. Ice crystals, reindeer, and diamond pattern are in the most popular predestine the Cardis as winter wardrobe par excellence! They are the ideal Christmas gift. Especially in recent years, they have arrived in the streetwear sector and have filed their stuffy map image. Combining it with a quiet, modern and puristic parts, an eye-catching look is guaranteed.

The details

Should it be extra cuddly, so waiting for some of our models with special features. Details from fur keep nicely warm. The CARDI with fur collar never went away and already belongs to the classics of the winter clothing. He is new in combination with the simpler models of coarse knitting. Cardigans with hood are particularly popular, if temperatures decline. With fur collar they are ideal to go so off on the slopes! Extra hot models, which are lined, enjoy great popularity. Our ears are particularly weatherproof - there no unpleasant cold breeze in the face you!