The Man Chino - a trend, without nobody can imagine the streets of the cities any more. Mens Chinos are ubiquitous. On the streets of the big cities, in the streets of small villages on the dance floors of the hottest clubs on the catwalks great fashion designers and even in the most prestigious journals you encounter them again and again - the trend of chinos, there is simply not be ignored anymore. Some time ago, they have also kept in the wardrobe of men's collection - and her victory is far from over. And that for a good reason.

Chino pants - a trend to triumph

Originally made from Chino Twill mid-19th century for British and French uniforms, they had already conquered the fashion 2011 landscapes around the globe for themselves. Although now worn by both men and women alike, but mostly she looks at men of sporty and casual. It is as versatile as any other pair of pants, it combines style and permeability in a very special way that makes any on the spot - but especially the men Chino is really casual and super comfortable. Nobody have to wonder that they the chino enjoying greater and greater popularity. And with the large fan base of course also increases the selection. New creations, always exciting colors and new styles constantly fill the shelves of fashion houses and delight every fashion freak. From elegant chinos in black or gray, the bright variants in blue, green or red to super casual Pants with suspenders. And it would seem that far from the creativity of designers exhausted. Age limits of Chino unknown. From young to old they will be worn from casual to chic and from subtle to striking. It simply cannot pass on the stylish chinos. And who wants that?

Chinos - the style-conscious alternative to jeans

Whether in the office or home, a diverse and chic alternative to jeans, it is certainly - and the modern answer to the traditional pants. Men chinos stand out particularly by their permeability of normal dress pants. Cleverly combined with shirt, they can be easily worn to work. If you look for a casual style you can combine them easily with men's t-shirts and ready is your new everyday outfit. Chinos are by her, mostly light, fabric and the perfect companion for warm summer days. They are also very durable and thus keep the wildest trip was.
Chinos - the perfect all-rounder!

Chinos in all colors - More color for your wardrobe

You cannot just play a lot of combination of space, they are also extremely versatile. Though many a time the world of men still more preferably in neutral colors, such as chinos in beige, brown or black, the colors of this season are very high point of the trend! So why not a chino in bright blue? Also chinos in green are the ones making a successful styling. And why not, sometimes red ones? With the new chinos you can trust a lot and also have the courage to put color on the day. For an understated look just a flashy Chinos as blue or green with neutral colors such as beige, combine for a stylish, preppy look simply striking with other bright colors.

Chinos at Yancor

In order to quickly and easily find the right one for you, you are able to use our filter-function in the product catalog. Simply select what you want, and already you are just the appropriate items displayed. Just put in the basket quickly and after a few days, you can look forward on your new favorite Chino.

Men Chino - a trend where we will have a long time!

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