The coat is a basic - and No more indispensable also for stylish men. Hardly a piece of clothing can be Right away well-dressed look. Without that it would be a special effort needed. Coats make adult, they are cool, masculine and casual at the same time. Especially just cutting guides and classic tailoring make them indispensable components of any stylish men wardrobe. While many men don't dare approach on the mantle. For long he was mainly in the collections for ladies To find, rather sparsely represented in the men's. But classic tailoring is a few years back - and with it also the coat was his triumph in the men's fashion. And since then is represented in all variations.

Coats - the details make the difference

Whether classic, whether Winterwarm, whether rebel - the details of the sound To give and make every model unique. This winter leather details are especially hot. Especially leather sleeves can be found in almost all collections of the great designer again. But also our streetwear labels make there no concessions:, whether classic wool coat or parka cooler, leather sleeve is the detail of the season! But also models with fur are Very much popular especially in the cold winter months. Especially the fur collar is placed season for season again. Because the fur collar long is one of the essentials. But also coats are no longer rare fur completely for the modern man's wardrobe. They come in real and faux fur as a more elegant alternative to the jacket or quilted coat. If you like it less furry, which is well served with a winter coat of lambskin.

Coats - the colors

Coats also have filed their classic colors such as beige, grey, Brown, black or dark green and come in all possible variations. Actually, you can buy it in every imaginable color combination. Because coats should be fun and make us something more colorful winter. Colorful down jacket in white, blue, yellow and parkas are particularly popular pop in checkered or bright Turquoise.

Short history of the mantle - the classics

Especially British influences play a large role in coats. Who doesn't know the classic trench coat? Known since Sherlock Holmes and James Bond, he never got rid of his mysterious and casual attitude. Because that makes the British style: this unique mix of classic and coolness. The trench is made. He has this certain vintage look that exudes the charm of the past and brings a touch of elegance with it. Often he fitted cut and has a slim fit. But also another representative of the island's back. The Duffle coat, the fashionable man actually a typical sailor cowl, warm in the winter. Usually thick lined and fitted with hood, sometimes thin and waterproof, it is available in many fashionable colors and a casual streetwear-piece. The simple wool coat is the prototype probably par excellence when it comes to coats. In the classic tailoring cut, often in more muted tones, he is an indispensable basic of the elegant wardrobe of Mr. As business clothing is indispensable, to make elegant basic but also perfect to break casual looks and chic. Jackets are jackets made of wool also simpler representatives. They offer an ideal intermediate solution between jacket and coat and are therefore particularly suited for the transition. You are therefore usually in A modern line, are not particularly long and loose easily play with the torso. But also a rather rebellious, nonconformist type is one of the classics of the history of fashion: the parka usually hooded. Once military clothing, then the symbol of the resistance of ' 68, he is today the most lässigste coat in the streetwear sector. Hardly a closet without him! And it comes in so many different versions, that a model is hardly enough. He exists with fashionable details such as rivets, or he simply times completely dispenses with details and comes without collar. In particular, he is fun and is practically at the same time. Hardly a kind of coat is more robust and easier and easier to wear in everyday life. Many classics are reduced in our shop - find your timeless jacket in our sale category, you will keep it for many years and wear, it can be non UN-modern – a wardrobe staple!

Short history of the mantle - the winter warmer

The Duffel is not the only one who is a loyal companion to the fashionable man in winter. More coat types are indispensable and essential for the cold season. The Daunenmante is the Wärmenste. Long was he branded as schnödes function garment, and ignored by the fashion world. Now he is back and comes in bright colours. Down can be fun! The new cuts are so clever, that completely fails the Michelin Man look and you can get warm and stylish at the same time therefore particularly icy temperatures.


Coats for men
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