Once the gates of an imposing American colleges by arguing that incredible atmosphere feel with every fiber and at least feel for a moment like a popular football star. A feeling, that not only comes up when you have looked an American film again. But to be able to wear cool jackets college is already no longer a privilege of a few college guys more.

Men College Jacket - a trend to triumph

What happened in America for several times already enjoying great popularity, has also been a few years ago found its way across the pond to us in Germany. The college jacket is also enjoying this long growing popularity. They’re not just, as the name suggests, perhaps, worn by students. Men of all ages layer and any profession are now acquired a taste. From teenagers, to construction workers, from tradesmen to a successful businessman. For many years, increasing the popularity of college jacket on and on. And an end to the trend is still not in sight.

Characteristics of a college jacket

The College Men jackets come in many colors normally so. This means that the sleeves are decorated in a different color than the rest but now we see more and more often monochromatic college jackets. They are also significant for the collar and the sleeves and waistband, which are used as elastic ribbed so. Particularly impressive are the patches, embroideries and prints, which are usually placed on the chest or back. Meanwhile, we meet more and more often in a simple monochrome Basic College Jackets. Whether simple or fancy, they just always super casual and have their own charm.

Styles in all colors

Basically, college jackets for men are available in every imaginable color. Especially popular but is enjoying college jackets in black, white or red. But blue and green college jackets are becoming more common. Especially color combinations are very much in demand by the white men College Jacket in black on white black red to the College jacket in blue. It is only one rule: wear what you like. The selection is huge and can make the decision sometimes quite difficult!

Styles and combinations

It gives the college jacket as light as well as a transition jacket thick jacket for cold winter months. They are usually thought of in style very casual and more for casual and sporty looks. However, there are they now and again even as a thick leather jacket, which is a touch more masculine. Whether easy transition jacket, rough leather jacket or thick winter jacket - College Jackets can be worn both with jeans and chinos too. For the authentic American college look, it’s still best to wear Chucks. Both trends are from the same time and thus form the ideal combination. But to the casual sneakers look just looks always succeeded. Underneath for easy access to a casual men T-shirt - that's a look that can be seen.

College Jackets at Yancor

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