The winter evening with a good movie and pizza on the couch at home spend, while outside snow and wind whistling sweep around the houses? Not at all! We want to enjoy the winter to the fullest! We want to feel the winter sun on your face and feel every now and then a little snow on the skin. So quickly in a thick winter jacket and wrap from outside! The best for cold, wet and windy days: warm hooded jackets for men!

Jacket with hood - essential must-have

If the golden autumn pulls you out and you cannot resist even the snow-white, shiny winter can, you need a thick jacket with a hood. It protects you from wind and rain, keeping you warm and is an essential companion for cold days. Whether as a men's leather jacket with hood for cool autumn days or as a thick winter jacket with hood for chilly winter evenings - our range of offers for every season and every taste in hooded jacket.

Something for everyone

Tastes are different and also the demands that each of this jackets is different. But no one minds. Because the selection is immense. If you prefer masculine, you can simply to a tough leather jacket with hood. It's just cool, sturdy and looks damn manly. Those who like as much time as possible outdoors spends, whether the fall or winter, no matter if it rains it snows, or is simply stormy. Whom it easy in any weather outside pulls, the need a resistant winter jacket with hood. You with all the fun and keeps you warm and dry, at any weather conditions. And then there's also the casual among us. Even for them, there is the perfect hooded jacket: The sweat jacket or sweater with hood!

hooded jackets in all varieties and colors

Men's hooded jackets are available in countless variations. Of lined winter jacket with hood in black or gray over cool leather jackets with hood in tan or white to thick sweaters will find it here. With proper hooded jacket protect you not only the best but is also a true fashion statement.

 Hooded Jackets at Yancor

In the online store you will find a rich selection, the most fashionable jackets and coats with hood. Just surf a little through our jackets online store and find the right one for you too. Even if the order of € 75 ( in Germany) is the shipping for you, completely free of charge and after a few days you can look over your new favorite jacket. Simply order Jackets online - at

Hooded Jacket

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  • carisma-hooded-jacket-hood-Carisma
  • cipo-baxx-hooded-jacket-hood-Cipo Baxx
  • free-side-hooded-jacket-hood-Free Side
  • geographical-norway-hooded-jacket-hood-Geographical Norway
  • hooded-jacket-hite-couture-hood-Hite Couture
  • key-largo-hooded-jacket-hood-Key Largo
  • lonsdale-hooded-jacket-hood-Lonsdale
  • hooded-jacket-mtx-homme-hood-MTX Homme
  • hooded-jacket-nickelson-hood-Nickelson
  • redbridge-hooded-jacket-hood-Redbridge
  • hooded-jacket-roly-hood-Roly
  • hooded-jacket-stitch-soul-hood-Stitch & Soul
  • urban-classics-hooded-jacket-hood-Urban Classics
  • hooded-jacket-voi-jeans-hood-Voi Jeans
  • vsct-hooded-jacket-hood-VSCT
  • yakuza-hooded-jacket-hood-Yakuza
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  • young-rich-hooded-jacket-hood-Young & Rich
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  • hooded-jacket-yellow-hood-yellow
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  • hooded-jacket-hood-checkered-checkered
  • hooded-jacket-hood-collar-Collar
  • hooded-jacket-colorchange-hood-Colorchange
  • hooded-jacket-cool-hood-Cool
  • hooded-jacket-denim-hood-Denim
  • hooded-jacket-hood-destroyed-Destroyed
  • hooded-jacket-double-look-hood-Double-Look
  • hooded-jacket-hood-embroidery-Embroidery
  • hooded-jacket-fur-hood-Fur
  • hooded-jacket-hood-fur-hood-Fur Hood
  • hooded-jacket-glance-optic-hood-glance-optic
  • jackets-coats-Hood
  • hooded-jacket-leather-sleeves-hood-Leather Sleeves
  • hooded-jacket-long-hood-Long
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  • hooded-jacket-onsale-hood-OnSale
  • hooded-jacket-ornamental-seams-hood-ornamental seams
  • hooded-jacket-hood-oversize-Oversize
  • hooded-jacket-patches-hood-Patches
  • hooded-jacket-hood-pattern-Pattern
  • hooded-jacket-hood-print-Print
  • hooded-jacket-reversibility-hood-Reversibility
  • hooded-jacket-single-colored-hood-single-colored
  • hooded-jacket-hood-stand-up-collar-Stand-Up Collar
  • hooded-jacket-stretch-hood-Stretch
  • hooded-jacket-hood-striped-striped
  • hooded-jacket-hood-tarnmuster-Tarnmuster
  • hooded-jacket-hood-used-look-Used Look
  • hooded-jacket-hood-vintage-Vintage
  • hooded-jacket-hood-with-print-with print
  • hooded-jacket-hood-loose-fit-Loose Fit
  • hooded-jacket-hood-casual-casual
  • hooded-jacket-hood-regular-regular
  • hooded-jacket-hood-slim-fit-Slim Fit
  • hooded-jacket-hood-tapered-Tapered
  • hooded-jacket-hood-body-fit-Body Fit
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