When Levi Strauss then the former work trousers made for everyday use, he probably could not even guess at the approach, what a stone so that he would get the ball rolling. With Jeans he sparked a trend that was unstoppable since the beginning. Especially the creativity of innovative designers, it is thanks to them that this trend has been constantly developed and maintains to this day.
Today, the Men's Jeans fashion classic par excellence. The shelves of fashion houses and boutiques are filled to the top with jeans, the wardrobes of men full to bursting. What is not surprising, because there is choice galore. The men jeans is a basic and absolute all-rounder. The selection is limitless. For decades, it is socially acceptable and no longer only for leisure portable, but also for everyday life, or even for work. And thus for every opportunity the right thing because it is the men jeans in a variety of washes, cuts and designs.

The Men's Jeans - harmonious blend of tradition and modernity

Boot cut, slim fit, loose fit or Strait Leg. Vintage, Unwashed or torn destroyed jeans - the choice is huge. But the numerous washes of denim pants leave nothing to be desired. Whether stone-washed or the classic blue jeans - for each there is the right pair of jeans: black, bright, dark blue, or white jeans. Particularly extravagant: the jeans with double waistband, white or thick seams. Equally giant are the possible combinations. For the more elegant look, the Men's Jeans can be easily combined with a classic shirt and /or jacket. If you prefer a casual look, which simply accesses a casual t-shirt or a sports shirt. But even a polo shirt or tank top can be worn extremely well.

The brand selection is just a matter of taste. Every jeans brand represents a unique style. Because of this preference at any one particular brand. In the online shop of Yancor.de you find a select range of labels. We pay special attention to the quality and thereby, as it should be for a Men Clothes & Streetwear Online Store, of course on creativity. So you can find here, for example, VSCT, Kosmo Lupo and MOD Jeans, Justing Jeans and Baxmen. But Colin's, Amica or Freeside Jeans must not be missing here. Browse worthwhile!


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washes jeans

The most famous is probably wash Stone Washed. Here, the jeans are washed with the addition of pumice stones or irradiated with sand, making it not only allows a more comfortable wearing experience, but also gets its typical distressed look. Another wash such as Soft Stone Washed is achieved by the addition of different sized pumice or bleaching. Much of the jeans is given a wash to allow more comfort, because unwashed Denim appears often scratchy and rough.

styles of jeans

Over the years, have always excelled in other styles and shapes. For a long time the skinny jeans is the perennial favorite. Tight and slim cut, earlier to facilitate even some with a zip to the dressing, it is probably locate in any wardrobe. In the 70 years it has a different style to the fore: the impact jeans or flared jeans. Although she is as skinny jeans at waist tight, but from the knees to the point that they often concealed the shoes completely. In the 80's the carrot jeans became more popular. On the legs tight and wide at the collar, it has a looser fit than skinny jeans or flared jeans. From about 1990 it was increasingly displaced by the baggy jeans, but could assert to this day, not least because of the advent of the retro wave. The Bootcut Jeans has become the most commonly worn jeans style that fits tightly around the thighs and from the knees slightly flared is, making the wearing of boots is made possible among them. A rather new creation is the Boyfriendjeans that offers a loose fit.

Jean closures

Classic buttoned, zipped or tied? The zipper displaced the more traditional buttons, for very practical reasons. Long-established label's still producing jeans with buttons, but usually rather less. Even jeans that are bound, there are a few more. The zipper outweighs its quick and easy handling, which is less cumbersome than a button placket.


Although formerly worn by gold miners, the jeans is now a recognized pants in all walks of life. A pair of jeans can be combined with almost everything. Worn with a loose T-shirt and sneakers, she is the perfect leisure time companion. Or as Straight Leg in connection with a wide variety of jackets. With a shirt or jacket, it is of course also suitable for the office and a perfect substitute for a suit pants. Due to their different colors and shapes, it is difficult to find anything that could be combined with it. Here are some examples of different types Jean:

Despite these variations, the classic is still the simple blue jeans in combination with a Basic T-shirt and accessories.

The perfect fit

It can often prove difficult to correct waist determine. In general, a distinction is made between low, medium and high between the three heights. The differences may be manifested in the well-being while wearing. The waist can be measured quite simple to measure with a tape measure the distance between the crotch seam and hem. Hipster Jeans are among the higher variants and classic models close just above the waist downwards.