Anyone looking for a very special men's jacket for himself, his friend or man who is among our jackets with leather sleeves for gentlemen certainly a lot of cool styles. Exceptional designs and optimally processed materials, various combinations and always that certain "something" on the man, which is the ladies do not miss for sure.

leather jacket is not the same jacket with leather sleeves

Especially not if only the sleeves of resilient synthetic leather and are the body part of a completely different substance is. Exactly this rare mix matters from the extra-cool look of this very special jackets and distinguishes them from Bomber Jacket, Parka, Coat or Jacket Bandit.

A jacket with leather sleeves artfully combined two trends - and the few for Eur:

Men who wish to benefit from the advantages of robust leather sleeves, but in itself not wholly owned leather jackets type, will find their matching leather sleeve jacket. One of the most unusual accessories that can have an outfit gentlemen. Whether a jacket for the really masculine biker look in daily life or the Action weekend with the Buddies. A jacket with leather sleeves leatherette puts on special features, highlights an exceptional character and is concerned with few Eur. Who needs' nen dull coat or aggressive bomber jacket? Our cool jackets with leather accessories are perfect for style-conscious men who want to impress the ladies with not with mere leather jackets but with a cleverly combined leather sleeves jacket - and it is with these jackets also.

denim jacket with leather sleeves

A jacket made of robust denim in conjunction with soft faux leather sleeves and you've got the ultimate denim jacket with leather sleeves. You do not need Bandit or bikers to be, lays down jackets and trench coats in the closet.

Leather Sleeve Jacket

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leather sleeves distinguish your new leather jacket from the 8.15 leather jackets of the other

A reliable biker jacket made ​​of synthetic leather, a strikingly chic jacket with black leather for everyday wear, a leather jacket that does not look like all other Art Leather Jackets: Who are deliberately limited in his jacket just leather sleeves, combines two trends in one jacket. These hybrid models are currently difficult in trend and are currently more and more frequently as THE alternative to the classic black leather jacket preferred. Because: A Men's jacket with leather sleeves is a altbackende jacket, coat, parka, Bandit or bomber jacket completely in the shade.

Whether with a warming hood or in a cool vintage look, whether with a classic blue jeans in Body Part or used look elements in the material, whether for a few Eur or the upscale Eur Class: The jackets with their sleeves in black leather are the absolute eye-catcher belong to any well-stocked wardrobe gentlemen beside pants and sweaters and are available in almost any size. Not only bikers are at the stable leather materials have their joy, but also the gentlemen with a penchant for extravagant styles and cool accessories. Who is searching for an alternative to a denim jacket and not necessarily a leather jacket calls his thing, this is the place. Therefore, our complete, comprehensive range check of cool black leather sleeves and jackets brings you your favorite jacket in your right size that you can buy her for few Eur already home. We hope you enjoy Styles check! In Yancor free shipping already there from 70 Eur orders within Germany.