Stylish all-rounder to any look

Gentlemen prefer clean designed fashion pieces without A lot of frills. The perfect counterpart for simple outfits is a long sleeve. The sporty casual style-setters have conquered the fashion stage and Miss men a style with spirit. Tshirts are more than simple T-Shirts and show up in diverse variants - from casual are crisp tight by maritim scratched up Onyx Black. The hit multitalent hit two birds with one stone: fashion fanatics get shirt and sweater in a package. A Longsleeve is a stylish all-rounder for every look. The name stands for long long and the sleeve to sleeve. There is the changeable Langärmer round neck, V neck with stand-up collar, in bright blue, fiery red, wahwah grey or in trendy melange optics. Men can use over and over again a Longsleeve in scene - with Destroyed Jeans and boots or with shorts and Chuck's. The cuts are as varied as the colors. Wide casual shirts are the trendy addition to skintight skinny jeans, slim cut men's longsleeves feature shape form a fast-paced silhouette and fit perfectly to cardigans, chinos and leather jackets. A Henley long sleeve Mocha-Brown appearance with deep V-neck is a cool every day-shirt that makes a splash at the University and in the Club. Trend pure cotton shirt, with a Black Heather Key Largo, ensure men at parties and at the candlelight dinner stir. Long sleeve t-shirts are practical, comfortable and strong combination.

A two-tone striped long sleeve shirt with three-quarter sleeves and contrast placket missed the kick of freshness, steingraue rib knit shirts in simple style exude sporting elegance. Cool guys combine print shirts with band logo, which become particularly well under jackets and College jackets denim styles. You have opportunity to bring your long sleeve look on front man in the Yancor store. In the store you will meet on the hottest brands of VSCT about urban classics to Tom Tailor. With one click, you have all long sleeve shirts on the screen. You can choose from a variety of options and can be found in the quick pace of the key piece in your size. Yancor is an expert in authentic men fashion brand new designs. Each fashion piece is of first-class quality and boasts optimum wearing comfort. White long-sleeved shirt with hood and fine embroidery or Cerulean model with Pocket in the granddaddy-design - browse to your heart's content in the long sleeve paradise and create a stlilechten look with smartness and charm. Also the ladies do not do - in the women's category present long-sleeved shirts, dresses or blouses that ladies carried away to applause.

Fresh designs in new colors and cuts

The designers of the top labels lie down properly in every season in the stuff and design men's longsleeves, completely inspired male fashion fans. Fresh designs in new colors and cuts allow fashionable freedom to any outfit. Slimfit-sleeves are right for sailing fans and partygoers with trendy stripes, V-shirts with DrawString and turn-up sleeves work to casual sports outfits and casual street looks. Relaxed come round-neck shirts in purist style therefore, that look just as good as to elegant pants cargo shorts. In addition to the classical trend colors of grey, black and white, green this season is top said. Also black and white mottled or neon long t shirts have a boom, as well as terracotta red models with Rolkragen and Mint copies with knöpfbarem collar and other shoulders. You're on the trip to long sleeve, you should leave miss out on the cool band T-shirts. Show flag and throw over a pink long sleeve with Beatles-print or a band T-shirt with knallfarbenem Ramones pressure. Men's longsleeves leave lasting impression with band logo at the rock concert and on the dance floor. The trashy long sleeve hits you can wear all year round, combined with leather jacket or Blazer.

Men's long sleeve shirts consist of light fabrics such as Jersey or cotton, which prevent sweating attacks on your body snuggle up airy light even on hot days. Brand designers mix the spandex of their trend-shirts-for shares that guarantee you a super fit. Breathable materials ensures a perfect climate and regulate the moisture transport. Long sleeve t-shirts with vintage wash and eye-catching Weatherand create a distinctive fashion update. The urban modern Stylepartner are soft to the touch and very comfortable to wear. The trendy old-school look is perfect, if you aufpeppst your fashion shirt with kast-jackets in the military style, skinny jeans with chapped areas and rugged lace-up boots to the spotlight.

Turn a round through the Yancor store and safe long sleeve shirts of the best brands. Get a black long-sleeved shirt with deep V neck in size M or an XXL model with wild pattern mixes. If your Longsleeve highlight cannot be delivered, you can reserve it comfortably. You immediately get a message when the item is back in stock. Particularly helpful are the stars reviews other customers. You check at a glance, how your favourite fashion piece cut off. If you go to the Yancor shop on a shopping spree, you will benefit from a variety of payment options. You can pay by credit card or PayPal. When to do anything you want with the Bezahlerei, you can easily charge the amount by direct debit. From an order value of EUR 70, Yancor provides free shipping. In addition to smart men's sleeves, you can find the latest pants, Groovy underwear, flashy accessories or dynamic sports clothing store.

Cool suits with long-sleeved T-Shirts

Men's sleeves are now the most desirable basics - whether with V-neck, with knobs or round neck. There is the changeable Essentials in a huge variety for every type of fashion and every occasion. Real fashion heros place value a hip style, guaranteed no one looks over. An eye-catcher outfit that makes the man of the world to the runway star succeeds with long-sleeved T-Shirts. The styling with a long-sleeved shirt in red or forest green and flashing under a slim suit jacket is sporty-chic. Now another scarf looped around and hatched in Oxford shoes, and succeeded in the straight business-look around. Generally, long sleeves in subtle earth tones seem more elegant. Pop colorful models of spice Club looks to the eye-catcher on. You should watch the gaudy specimens that you wear them in the mix with simple trousers and shoes in muted tones, otherwise your outfit is quickly overloaded. Slimfit with round neck shirts in beige, steel grey or russet fit to a simple shirt and Blue Jeans. If you want to refine your suits with a spirited note, your clever fashion partners are white print shirt with Y-neck. Yellow, black, or purple button plackets shirts make best as underlayer V sweater or cardigan.

Totally in vogue, the long sleeve trend is casual hochkrempelst up your chinos or Bootcut jeans while you present your knallfarbenen socks. Khaki cargo pants, red straight leg jeans and azure Röhrenhosen fit flat long sleeve shirts in muted shades. Also see lumberjack shirts, the must-have basics look good. However, the simple shirt models are rather needed also in this look. Striped men of Langärmer are real eye-catchers to cardigans or fine jackets. T-Shirts with stripes do especially well in combination with faded vintage jeans and cool loafers at the foot. Whether sporty, classic, elegant, or naughty - everyone brings a men long sleeve shirt style on the course. You have the choice between a variety of possible combinations and can make every day a new outfit you. The new collection of 2014 waiting fashion crazy men in the Yancor shop. Renowned brands designers present their latest creations and surprise with long sleeve looks that neatly to compete with the ladies. You can't be happy about prices, that are affordable even with a small budget. Clever contemporaries secure coupons and shopping at a cheap price. On the Web, you can find the latest coupon codes. Enter just the code in a window, which will be shown to you during the ordering process. Yancor offers you magnificent streetwear fashion at a lean price. Get the brand new men's long sleeve shirts and just take a look at fitting shoes, belts, coats or jackets.

Mens tshirts for sports and outdoor enthusiasts

A men's long sleeve can be combined with all imaginable looks and emphasizes the personal style with a casual attitude. Also sports lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the trendy shirt classic. Iron and black-yellow Funktionsshirts made of breathable materials accompany ambitious cyclists on their tours through the mountains and is also in the running through the spicy Woods in. Men's longsleeves provide practical snaps from fine rib strenuous treks relaxed moments. The uncomplicated basics complete sport looks of all kinds and are in demand especially in the cool season. Whether under Scotch a long-sleeved shirt is shirts, olive green outdoor jackets or cuddly soft hoodies - always a stylish fashion hit. Even though it comes during the holidays, include the long-sleeved T-Shirts in the case. A cool sea breeze, blowing the trend-conscious man pulls over a cool long-sleeve and trots relaxed along the beach. Whether in casual oversize-cut or sliced lean, with exceptional print or in simple decency – for every taste and every age group there is the matching shirt counterpart.

When purchasing a long-sleeved shirt, you should watch first and foremost on quality. The very cheap T-Shirts make you not long joy. After two or three washes, you're holding an informal something in hands. You can find exclusively brand long sleeve shirts of the best labels in the Yancor store. Despite top quality, trend parts are cheap and offer you the complete package. Let's show you the products of your choice and look at your Favorites from all sides. Look at the reviews of other users and find out more by using detailed product descriptions of shape, details and material. From 70 EUR order value, free shipping beckons you, otherwise your package for 3.45 EUR via DHL on the journey goes. You have questions, you can contact at any time to the Yancor team. You will receive a personal reply as soon as possible. At the huge choice right is certainly For you. If you're a sports fan, outdoor adventurers or urban cowboy, plays no role - the new Longsleeve collections suited to every type of man. Get fit for the new fashion season and live your individual style. Seat back and let you inspire you.


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Shirts long sleeve are the new stars in the fashion circus. Men also have discovered the casual chic makers for themselves. A long-sleeved shirt differs from a conventional T-Shirt by particularly long form, but consists of same or similar materials. The long-sleeved fashion hits are combined strong must-haves in trendy designs that emphasize the personal style with a sporty touch. Whether red, yellow, green, Brown or multicolored striped - you choose and you can secure your new favorite piece in the online shop. Top fashionable, comfortable and cheap. Tshirts to the trendy casual look as well as the elegant style fit with V-neck, round neck or trendy placket. You can combine the convertible long sleeve shirts suit your mood, help a business outfit or jeans and sneakers. Browse after long tops with stylishly and take care of fresh wind in your wardrobe.

Shirt look from sporty to elegant

Long sleeve shirts can never have enough male fashionistas. The easy Stylepartner look to the men's jackets as well as for the Cardigan, make excellent leather pants and become a fashionable highlight in combination with smart trousers. Making a shirt look sporty to elegant, the men to trend-conscious fashion victims. A long-sleeved shirt in black highlights your style with a dash of sporty elegance, models in pink or cobalt blue with hood are clever fashion partner to cool Streetstyles. Eisgrau, also Brown and white are among the trendy colours and can be combined with any outfits. You can wear long sleeve shirts to almost any occasion - at the Office, skating or relaxing on the couch. Long sleeve t-shirts v-neck in the sporty layered look that perfectly bring out your hardened body in trendy slim fit cuts are fully In line with the trend. Cool boys wrap in copies, that light up in bright colors like neon green or Canary yellow and reap interested glances of curious ladies. Long-sleeved shirts in the retro-style are finished with print in used look and are perfectly suited for the big show in the University and at parties.

Soft fabrics and cool cuts

The new designer sleeves do what right here and should have a At home in every male wardrobe. Soft fabrics and cool cuts ensure comfort with feel-good factor. You should always rely on high-quality tshirts, because cheap shirts lose colour and shape mostly after a few washes. High-quality models made of soft cotton, Jersey or cotton fibres offer first-class comfort even after months and look like new. Spandex shares provide for optimal fit. A long-sleeved shirt in pastel shades like light blue, Rosé or champagne works exceedingly noble when you're wearing it along with slippers, suit jacket and Chino. You're on scratched, you should treat black-gray or blue-and white striped shirts you, which catapult you trend upwards. Lightweight summer shirt with round neck ribbed cargo shorts and Chuck's or soft long sleeve shirt with eye-catching button placket to the trendy knitted look - are you stylishly dressed at any time of the year. The so-called long-sleeved shirt in the shape resemble a sweater and are usually narrow cut. Long sleeve shirts of new generation sparkle with huge prints, decorative embroidery and other crunchy details, ensuring that certain something.

Ultimate basics for every outfit

Men are crazy for the new long sleeve shirts, that fit to the trendy military outfit as well as to the dinner jacket. The fashionable multi talents belong to the ultimate basics and create the balancing act between sportive slang and elegant style with ease. You are either over - or underdressed and move your masculine qualities in the best light. A long-sleeved shirt in solid-coloured style peppst you with robust accessories, which miss your sleeve look the finishing touches. The stylishly, missing your Sweatshirt a sporty chic long sleeve shirt is your first choice. Shirt with round neck or V-neck - long cut tops are indestructible fashion partner under sweaters, as a solo artist with boyfriend jeans or combined with sweater and cashmere coat. A men long sleeve shirt in fresh marine design fits especially well to the new Chino jeans and baggy pants. You should not miss you also block stripe shirts in bold colors. Gentlemen, who appreciate the classy look, wear designer sleeves that score with exclusive style and impressive stand out from the crowd. Authentic, casual, topical - longsleeves conquer the fashion worlds from Hamburg to Munich.

For young trendsetters

Mr models are designed mostly with halsnahen cutting variants, ladies, however, prefer deep dekolletierte models with delicate details such as ribbons or glitter elements. Men longsleeves is characterized by straight cuts and clear structures. Each designer collection is a surprise and brings the fashion-conscious men's eyes to the rays. Fireplace-red shirts Doublelayer style with white prints are the Stylehits to black sweaters and cool jackets. The colours grey and dark blue has chosen this season to their favorite men. Daring fashion fans slip in orange or bright green designed tshirts and combine them with faded jeans of scraps of and wildly patterned scarves. The designers often create long-sleeved shirts with colour contrasting inserts, cuffs and seams. Also cool logos and meaningful writings by manufacturers or sports clubs give the suspect cult fashion hits that certain something. A long-sleeved shirt is an indispensable partner of combined leisure fashion. Prefer if you style the subtle or the strident, colorful stripes or cool Stitchings stand, is left. In the online shop, you will find a colorful variety of high quality and strong design tshirts that polishing your appearance and give you endless combination possibilities.