Whether the great couturiers of the scene are inspired attracted by the novel "Wall Street" with Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko, is attracted big names such as talk-master Larry King or scandal rocker Pete Doherty as role models for advice or to have the nostalgia of the old cult travel with leave, we'll never know. Pants with suspenders for men in this country as in vogue: only one is safe!

Pants with suspenders - Nostalgia rediscovered

They were once a common practice. From construction workers to businessmen - they each wore. Eventually they disappeared suddenly from the scene. Now they are newly placed in the scene and moved into a new image. With more modern look, casual style and plenty of nostalgic charm to inspire them again the fashion world. And what the U.S. and Britain was still worn by many, be practical, convenient or traditional reasons, was in Europe long banished from the wardrobe. Here they are in their new look not only practical assistant but primarily a real cool and casual accessories. Pants with suspenders for men are back on the rise. They inspire young and old. You look great, put an exciting fashion statement and are combined in many ways.

Mens pants with suspenders, and their looks

The most popular variation is probably the Chino Men with braces. A casual look, which is based on the current trend Chino lunged but also the traditional aspect. A blend of styles that can be seen. A particular trend that could also put this country through quickly. Who likes it but something like coarse or may not be a fan of the modern dress pants, the best picks for easy Men Jeans with suspenders. In principle, the same, only a little firmer, more masculine. Both are available in many different variations. A selection that leaves nothing to be desired.

Pants with suspenders, and their combinations in men

First of all must be told that there are two ways to wear the new fashion accessory. Either you opt for a traditional look and "shoulder" it, or you can go a casual and modern way and lets it hang just. Similarly, one can choose between different styles. Either the chic version with shirt and jacket or one dares courage to trends and attaches itself to the verses of the trendsetters. Then you might find the most current "working" look at. Simply rough boots, T-shirt and plaid shirt to wear - ready. This look can hardly resist. However, you should grope slowly to this style. Who is not a Fashion guru can get this look too fast on a dangerous tightrope walk of good taste. Our conclusion: casual look, yes, but with caution.

The trend at Yancor

This hype was triggered, which is just waiting in the wings. We can not simply go by this trend take us but the chance of you. Something new, something really cool to be able to offer in our online store you'll find lots of cool pants with suspenders for men, which you create your own personal style can. Discover exciting styles and cool looks. You can just be inspired by our "style guide" that you find in our top navigation.

Pants with suspenders

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