pants are still the most popular garment in the men's wardrobe. No garment is more typical of men, none is more popular, none shines more masculinity. And none has been so often and reinvented and adapted to current tastes and trends like the pants! That's why our shop is of course packed with a wide variety of models, so do not get bored and can feed a lot of variety in the domestic gentlemen wardrobe!

The archetype of Hose Types: The Jeans

is the classic pants, which is an essential part of any wardrobe more: The jeans. Once practical working clothes of the gold rush, then a symbol of freedom and rebellion in the days of hippies, then shredded it-part of Punker- and rock scene, it is now impossible to imagine as a permeable Streetweat-Basic. Because no Pants style is casual and relaxed than the jeans! Jeans go simply to everything: Whether with belt for casual shirt or a chic shirt and jacket to break the glamorous look and make it practical for everyday use. She has long shed its sleazy image and is drawn into the Fashion Olymp - even Karl Lagerfeld ennobled by itself appeared in women's jeans at a Chanel fashion show! Also in countless styles and styles It is represented as before. In particular, the bootcut is still the most timeless and coolest section in jeans.

The Rocking: The corduroys

corduroy pants are coming - and soon become indispensable. Just for the colder months corduroys are ideal - because her tissue is dense and keeps you warm. And they look great and are therefore in narrow sections and many colors! Whether in muted tones like gray or black, blue or bright colors - their rock attitude they never lose! Whether Nadelcord or a slightly coarser fabric type: Long not only carpenters wear them. Rocker Jamie Hince or Pete Doherty do it before. Only crisp and narrow they must be and sit well it has to convey the right message at the bear! So strictly observed our size table, for the right fit and the right seat decide on the perfect look in corduroy! When selecting the size of your compares the dimensions best with a well-fitting pair of jeans that you already have in the cupboard. Your new combined model but easy with a loose shirt or shirt - and a leather jacket


The triumph of chinos

Another part of it-what has started a true triumph in the German wardrobes in recent years, is the quinone. With its casually elegant chic, her narrow section and its British Attitude is the somewhat fancier alternative to jeans. Especially in summer, the bright and cheerful trousers is very popular. Whether with or without pattern. It is one of the most popular forms of recent years, when it comes to Pants. Most thin or skinny cut - and often with high waist - Chinos are especially popular during summer months. Casually they seem to Chucks and sneakers, elegant and rocking to laced shoes or boots. No wonder, because especially Brit-Popper love the Chino and combine them especially like the Polo. And she likes comes in bright colors. Combined with suspenders she is particularly rocky - just think of bands like The Hives, which actually do not go on stage without this combination! A trouser cut that is here to stay! Many different models you can find in all the usual pants sizes in our shop

The Casual Pant: The Cargo Pants

Must it be a little looser and more casual, then you can use best for Cargo. Often held in slight military style, they are more comfortable alternative to jeans and chinos. No wonder, since the cargo does it all. Whether. Within the City, clubbing or doing sport The wide legs pants are very comfortable and caresses, which is why it is often worn in the summer. Without that man comes into a sweat.

logger in joggers: Yakuza pants

No way home wear! Jogging pants are long since arrived in streetwear and must not hide in your own four walls. They are long since arrived on the streets of major cities and their triumph is unstoppable. In particular, the models of Yakuza are becoming increasingly popular and with their striking prints a real looker! Crotch and elastic, they are now one of the most popular brands when it comes to jogging pants for streetwear. The pant length is due to the loose cut a little longer than other models, but these fall loosely and casually on the shoe, which makes the look that much more interesting. At present, we have many models online that are also low - in various sizes for you to order


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