Even in winter, "man" will always go top-styled from the house. Those who want to follow no boring 08/15 Trends and preferred a certain extravagance, which is applied at the well to a strikingly cool men jacket shine! They are the ones who stand out among countless trends time and again and you shine in the truest sense of the word with a cool style can.

Men shiny jacket - extravagant style for winter

A brilliant jacket for men is in the winter time and again a highlight. She is striking is incomparably cool and anything but mainstream. Whether as easy transition jacket, a thick winter jacket with gloss or as a vest, you just cannot get enough of it. A style, that’s nothing for boring people. There are always designers who dare at this exceptional style and inspire us each year's new with individual creations.

Shiny jackets for men - Style and Quality

It usually comes as a gloss nylon jacket and therefore convinced with fancy look and high quality. The designs are extremely diverse as well as varied. Whether with patches, or coat with hood or sometimes quite simply - the creativity of the designers knows no bounds. Thus, there is every year collections are impressive. And guaranteed to stay there no wishes unfulfilled. There is something for everyone.

The cult parts at Yancor

So much concentrated extravagance we cannot want to miss. In our online shop you will find jackets the coolest, newest and most unusual creations. Order you your new favorite style affordable and convenient at home. You can also filter our functions in the top navigation be able to refine your selection. After a few days you can then just go with your new favorite on tour.

Shiny jackets

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