Shirts belong to any Men's wardrobe. Because they can not only classic and elegant therefore come, but are also available in transparent variants! Hardly a piece of clothing collections for men today as well as the shirt. In the summer airy top with short sleeve, winter practical layering piece under a cardigan or sweater.

This should have in the cupboard Everyone: The white shirt

A shirt in white is the same for men as the little black dress for the lady: A must-have statement piece, without which no well-stocked wardrobe manages. For it is the all-rounder among the shirts! As a classic business shirt it accompanies you to your business meeting or office. But not only for business, for leisure, it is ideal. Of course, especially for the evening's white shirt is also a classic for men. But in everyday life, it enjoys increasing popularity. Brecht its clean look but just with a pair of jeans in vintage look! And do not worry: most brands, which you can order from us are easy to iron and simply and easy to wash

Perfect for the summer: The cotton shirt with short sleeve

Short Sleeve Shirts are an essential key piece for summer. Especially casual outfits with shorts and comfortable shoes like sneakers or flip flops evaluates it on the fly. Unlike a simple T-shirt can be seen easily from aspirated. Especially with a model that has a tailored silhouette and thus the width of the shoulders still highlights. And who is not on short-sleeved plaid shirts with collar? Plaid is the ultimate Brit-Chic and is here to stay for several years. Because you can combine them into everything! And not just any kind of shorts, but also rock skinny and Chino. The check shirt has long been a must-have for the fashion conscious man who wants to be well dressed in the summer, without losing its transparency and ease

The everyday companion. The classic long-sleeved shirt

Long sleeves and a regular fit - these are both for the comfort factor. For a long arm, coupled with a loose fit body really stands each. Such a model can pretty much buy all brands. Sizes run almost all of fit, the arm length follows the usual standard sizes, as well as the collar size. This style can be ordered safely and actually worn by all. Not only in terms of the fit, in terms of style is the shirt with long sleeves always a sure thing. And without being boring! Models with regular fit is available in all sorts of colors and designs here in our shop. Especially popular are classics in black, gray and a covered deep red.


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The trendier younger brother: The Slim-Fit Shirt

For those who like fashionable and form-fitting, reaches for the younger version of Langarmhemds and selects the slim fit. It is not actually imagine and just younger, hipper labels put on the figure-hugging cut. Models with Slim Fit have not so much these typical, classic shirt look - because they can be worn due to their cut without concern over the jeans. They are cut shorter and usually slightly slimfit, so they conjure up a beautiful silhouette. Slim Fits with Kent collar have many fashionable details and are mainly in the streetwear very popular. From the classic, typical shirt look they have adopted as far as possible. Not only in terms Slim Fit.

It's him in the neck: Classic meets Urban

because it exists with all types, use the collar as a design tool and thus to create a totally new style. Because the collar is due to the small cut to its best advantage. And labels like to play with different design options. Especially the shark collar is one of the fashionable details of what has experienced in recent years a veritable revival. He really is one more of the classics, is on normal business shirts in white to see very often and usually worn with a tie. But the new, clean models in Slim Fit put on the collar-classic that is supported naturally in the leisure sector without a tie. The classic business casual look is broken. Be broken Particularly interesting details, if the models are attractively fashioned in two colors. Particularly Scandinavian Hers plate putting on these types of classic urban purism: A combination of shark collar, slim fit and two-tone one finds even in denim shirts (usually a color combination of light and dark denim)

. Here is an overview of the various collar types:
Button-down collar Kent collar Shark collar New Kent collar wing collar Tab Collar stand-up collar
He comes from the sport of polo and should not be combined with a tie. Can be combined with a tie or bow tie, but not necessarily. Often seen on business shirts he matches the tie. A mixture of Kent- and shark collar. Fits suit and casual shirt Very elegant collar that should not be combined with a tie with a bow tie and. Due to its shape and function, he brings Exceptionally tie knot advantage. The classic collar types. A very modern collar, which should not be combined with a tie.

The new Mod Look: The stand-up collar

But not only new urban and it goes to in the design of the collars. Again, the designers of young fashion labels direct their gaze like in the past. And brought us back the collar. Born in the 60s of the Junge Wilde from Cool Britannia, he is back and sweeping the fashion world for a Retro Revival and embellished slim-fit shirts. But not with remarkable psychedelic pressure, as was the case in the wild 60s. Again, the design of the color remains rather cautious and minimalist-modern without wild prints. Because of the retro-collar is in itself as a fashion detail at the center. And requires no distraction by striking patterns. The ultimate expression of feelings is a subtle check pattern, but mostly you will find stand-up collars on plain colored models in muted colors.

Take Two: The double collar

Especially in the sports streetwear you will always find the wildest gadgets when it comes to the design of details. Especially striking is the double collar that turns even the most simple model into a real eye-catcher. In plain colored models of the second collar is usually created in a contrasting color, like with a subtle print. We have just a few models of it in our Sale department!