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Cargo Shorts

Men who enjoy the summer weather outside,

need a Cargoshorts. Because a Cargo Shorts with lots of handy pockets is perfect for adventurous men. A short cargo pants, whether in black, white, vintage look or a cargo shorts in the military/army Camo design is just any man. The Cargoshorts differs from other shorts and bermudas through the many convenient pockets. < br > Cargo pants and Cargoshorts in a wide selection and for only a few EUR at our online store available. Many different Cargoshorts in different design categories are available. Men looking for a short cargo shorts To find your new favorite of Cargohorts with us. Whether my grilling in summer atmosphere or a walk on the sea and Coast: we men but always lots of stuff with it and need many pockets for phone, camera, purse and other accessories. Always at hand and well stowed our stuff, is particular, the cargo shorts, pants, the perfect summer the cargo pants. Available in all price categories and available from the Bermudas and vintage design. Order now for a few euros your new cargo pants, proftitier' by our fast shipping and dress up your summer cargo pants tomorrow.< br >

Jeans Shorts

What is the hot pants for women jeans shorts for men: the shorts trend 2014. More and more men to buy cool short jeans & denim pants and enjoy their different designs, which the women to draw the eyes: if used look, vintage, torn, with washing designed, with rivets or other cool accessories. The variations are available already for a few EUR. Not only what men's slim is the denim shorts. Also a large size XXL is available in the online shop. Jeans shorts is not only a shorts - she is more than just a simple denim shorts. A short Jeans Shorts sets in terms of style & design new standards. Whether Jeansbermuda or for example in colors other than blue - our online shop uses the selection for short Denim Shorts / jeans shorts no limits. Men who even pants in colourful colours would buy a stylish short jeans, choose now equal to their new jeans shorts with us in the shop in their size, paid only a few EUR - and enjoys the looks of the ladies. PS: Even cooler the jeans shorts works combined with other articles, for example a pair of particularly stylish shoes from our online store.

Sweatshorts for men

The Sweatshorts for all men of the ideal shorts is

especially on hot days. And because one (s) his money rather spends the summer for other things, men buy their Sweatshorts at any size with the online shipping Yancor very cheap. The cool Sweat Shorts join all for summery weather and are perfect for biking, jogging or just chill out on the beach, Go ahead. The sweat shorts product is available in many colors and designs with us. Also the workout the Sweatshorts are the appropriate articles. Sweat shorts to buy in any size and no hidden costs - that exist only in the fast Yancor shipping. Plus looking for even the matching shoes in wide sizes for the all-around perfect summer outfit to his Sweatshorts, can purchase range shoes or a polo shirt in all sizes for a few EUR in the extensive article at us really smart men. Sweat shorts and other items to buy for a few EUR and with fast shipping. Pick your favorite of Sweatshorts now, choose your color, size & price categories and get delivered your new sweat pants thanks to fast Yancor shipping soon home.

Chino Shorts

For men who want to impress the ladies with a stylish shorts, there is no way on a short Chinoshorts passes.< br > Chinos are an alternative to the classic Denim Jeans. Now are they as shorts at us men the men trend and are available from as little as a few EUR for us. The Chino Shorts to buy more and more men and benefit from the colourful range of short Chino pants, colours and cuts: Khaki, beige, white, navy, black, orange - cargo, Bermuda or classic short Chino. Men chinos & Chinoshorts and other articles now in your size, price category and favorite color available.


We are fans of Yancor true shorts. Our huge range of shorts always up to date to keep and every taste, size and favourite colour to meet, we take our shorts from many different makes and brands. Our stylish shorts, short Chino pants, Cargo Shorts, Sweatshorts, we take jeans shorts and co, inter alia from hip labels like Yakuza, Brandit, CIPO & Baxx, Redbridge, sublevel, Eight2Nine, 98-86 or even urban classic. Discover your new favorite of shorts in our Yancor online store and discover the possibilities of combining our various shorts article. And soon the ladies join with their hotpants on your page.

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Styles Trend Military, Army slim fit, cool baggy slim fit
Features denim, boys, plus size, men, cheap Sizes up to XXL, men Ladies (shorts) easy fabric
Colors Black, colourful khaki, black, camouflage dark blue, bright, white grey melange colorful